Edinburgh Review: Tom Deacon

Sixty minutes of comedy is beyond Tom Deacon at the moment, but he has time on his side, writes Ben Clover.

Tom_Deacon1Well, he’s affable enough but Tom Deacon needs more and better jokes. Harsh perhaps but this young act has plenty of time yet to develop them and he is popular on the London circuit.

At the moment Deacon’s show, Indecision, is a collection of stories and observations delivered in an easy-going drawl. The theme is how choosing between the right thing to do and the easy thing to do affect him day-to-day. Not earth-shattering then but it would’ve been okay if the material or delivery had been a but punchier.

At the moment it’s a bit like overhearing someone mildly entertaining on a bus near a university, diverting but you wouldn’t miss your stop for it. He has a lot of confidence and a measure of charm but this means he simply ambles through his hour.

Over sixty minutes you really need to vary the tone, pace or just do something different. Plus, the night we went he was only up against a polite, giving audience crammed into a Pleasance dungeon.

Playing nastier, drunker crowds might snap him out of it and into something a bit more lively. At the end he seems to have settled on indecisiveness as a way of life, when he should probably be taking a few more risks.

Because I’m afraid, it’s more ho hum than ho ho at the moment. Maybe next year.
Two stars
Tom Deacon – Indecisive is on until August 31 at 8:30pm at the Pleasance Courtyard. Click here for tickets

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