That Pair: ‘It’s a pink-and-grey poodle of a show’

Edinburgh intros #2: Lorna Shaw and Kathryn Bond, aka That Pair, introduce their new one about two kids’ party entertainers with a monstrous side

That Pair comedy double act

1. Tell us a bit about the show.
Our show is a comedy about two princess entertainers on the edge. That doesn’t reflect our real lives in any way whatsoever.

2. What’s your favourite bit?
There is a bit where Kat comes on dressed as a pea and requests an Uber which is tickling us at the moment. We are so wacky.

3. If your show were a dog, what breed would it be?
We had a dog in our music video “Girls”. She gave the best performance of all three of us. This show would be a poodle sprayed pink top half and grey the bottom.

4. What’s the walk-on music going to be?
Everybody Dance Now is the first track the audience hear. There are 5 different versions of that song in the show including one by the “Red Hot Chilli Pipers” (note, not “peppers”).

5. Who will you be living with and how do you expect that to go?
We are sharing a double bed and have developed a super way of separating the bed. If we tell you we will have to kill you. We are also sharing with the amazing Anna Morris and James Hamilton.

6. What will your Edinburgh daily routine be?
We have a children’s show at 12.10pm with Twisted Loaf called Yuck, so we will have to be up earlier than usual. Then a bit of flyering followed by a show at 4.35pm, then we will catch some shows, and we will meditate for the rest of the time.

7. Do you enjoy the Fringe?
Yes. Mostly. Sometimes. Always.

8. So, brass tacks, who’s the funniest out of the two of you?
Kat has funnier bottom half and Lorna’s top half is second to none. Really stand alone great.

9. Do you recall any of the children’s entertainers of your childhood?
Kat: I remember a very tall clown picking me up and I cried.
Lorna: We didn’t have entertainers, they are a rip-off.

10. Imagine I’m a TV commissioner and I’ve told you you’ve got your own series. WHAT HAPPENS?

That Pair: Letting It Go is at 4.35pm at Just the Tonic at the Caves

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