EiF’s top 40 Edinburgh festival tips (part 2)

Ladies and gents, the final 20, in chronological order for your convenience …
 EiF’s top 40 Edinburgh tips (part 1)

Pajama_Men3• 7.30pm, 11.15pm. Sarah Millican – Thoroughly Modern Millican
A powerhouse in comedy these days, Millican is at the top of her game. Now at the larger Assembly following last year’s show at the Stand Comedy Club. (Assembly)

• 7.40pm. Dave Gorman’s Power Point Presentation
You can rely on Mr Gorman for a show of mischief, inventiveness and unabashed use of power point. His recent shows in Hoxton suggest he’s at it again. (Assembly)

• 7.40pm. Paul Foot – Still Life
A hero among comedians and a unique performer who nearly achieved some sort of breakthrough last year by being awesome on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Surreal storytelling at its best. (Underbelly)

• 8pm. Scott Capurro – Who Are the Jocks?
Bitchy and lewd San Franciscan stand-up Capurro who’s on brilliant form at the moment. As the blurb for his new show says, following the death of his mother, Capurro “waddles through the piercing loss of his best friend and coke dealer”. (Pleasance)

• 8.15pm. Seann Walsh – Ying and Young
Received loads of hype last year as a newcomer, and turned in a decent if unspectacular show – but his follow-up this year looks like a pearler. (Pleasance)

• 8.20pm. Alex Horne – Seven Years in the Bathroom
The most creative man in comedy? Possibly. In this high-concept, lo-fi yet prop-heavy show, Horne condenses a lifetime of cleaning, sleeping and having sex into one quirky hour. An absolute joy to watch as ever. And sorry for using the word quirky. (Pleasance)

• 9pm. Pajama Men – In the Middle of No One
The kings of physical comedy and an insanely talented duo, the Pajama Men (pictured) return to Edinburgh with a brilliant new show (review here) and a bag full of critical acclaim to go with it. Lives up to its predecessor, Last Stand To Reason. (Assembly)

• 9pm. Margaret Cho – Cho Dependent
Last at the Fringe about a decade ago, Cho is a huge name in US comedy now, an outspoken, campaigning and bold stand-up. (Assembly)

• 9pm, 9.20pm. Craig Campbell
Canadian alpha male Campbell is a monster of a stand-up and bagged a support slot for Frankie Boyle a few years back, bringing him to a wider audience. (The Stand)

• 9pm. Andrew Maxwell – The Lights Are On
An Edinburgh stalwart and one of London’s cast-iron brilliant comics at the moment. Expect confrontational, feisty stand-up. (Assembly)

On his day one of the greatest comics in the world, Wool (pictured) mixes stoner charm with heart-felt insight. (Assembly)

• 9.30pm. The W Kamau Bell Curve – Ending Racism In About An Hour
A little-known comic on these shores, Kamau is one of the finest stand-ups in the US with a superb show on racism in his homeland, post-Obama. (Pleasance)

• 9.40pm. Arthur Smith’s Pissed-Up Chat Show
A comedy hero and as funny as he’s ever been, Smith has been behind some of the funniest and most original shows at the Fringe, and a chat show seems like the ideal vehicle for him. Guests must be at least a bit pissed. It’s the rule. (Pleasance)

• 9.40pm. Rich Hall
Weather-beaten grouch Hall is one of the biggest-name comics to play Edinburgh this year alongside Omid Djalili and Phill Jupitus, and he’s always worth seeing. (Pleasance)

• 9.45pm. James Acaster – Amongst Other Things
One of the hot tips for this year, newcomer Acaster deals mainly in silliness, and has supported Milton Jones and Josie Long on their most recent tours. (Pleasance)

• 9.45pm, 11.45pm. Tim Key – Masterslut
Key has the unenviable task of following up his award-winning monster hit Slutcracker, and he appears to have another gem under his belt. Hour-long shows are where you see Key at his best. (Pleasance)

• 9.50pm. Dr Brown – Becaves
Hailed as a genius by some, but also guaranteed to have walk-outs. Dr Brown is a largely silent, absurdist comic who has a touch of the Tommy Coopers about him, only a lot more confrontational. (Underbelly)

• 11pm. The Horne Section
Debuted at last year’s Fringe and now a juggernaut of a show, this is a “jazz comedy party” that’s hard to describe, but it has Alex Horne, a jazz band, guest comics, lots of light-hearted larking about and is basically a joyful show. (Assembly)

• 00:00. The Stand Late Show
The Stand is a comedy club throughout the year, which is reflected in its brilliant line-up of acts and atmosphere. It’s late-night shows are the best around, and don’t involve comics drinking their own piss etc. (The Stand)

• 00:00. Comedy Countdown
A recent addition to the Fringe’s late-night roster, and an oddity at that, but a chance to see comics away from the stage, playing Countdown and generally being informal and overly competitive. (Gilded Balloon)

AND not forgetting of course London is Funny Presents, 9.35pm every night,which’ll be a hoot!

So there we have it. Get booking, and enjoy. And DON’T FORGET – the above list is just a guide. There are plenty of other quality shows around, mainly by people you’ve never heard of. Take a chance


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