Hannibal Buress returns to London much bigger than when he left

Hannibal Buress comedian

The last time American stand-up Hannibal Buress was in London for any significant amount of time, he was doing shows off the back of his 2011 Best Newcomer award nomination at the Edinburgh Fringe. It was clear that this guy was a very talented stand-up. I particularly remember watching him manage to win over a remarkably inattentive and boozy crowd at the 2012 Camden Crawl. He stayed virtually static on stage the whole time, and didn’t once strain or stretch his delivery to draw attention to himself, the power of his material and the ease of his timing doing all the heavy lifting. And it worked. Eventually everyone came round, and the room was his. It was impressive stuff.

Anyway, fast-forward three years and his profile has shot up – largely because he triggered one of the biggest celebrity scandals in recent times in the US, alleging that Bill Cosby was a serial sex offender. ‘Who is Hannibal Buress?’ was suddenly the question. Those who knew of him already suddenly had bragging rights about having seen him in action, or having appreciated his work on Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock.

Since then he’s had his own weekly Comedy Central show, and stars in a feature film alongside Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, released later this year.

The show – called the Comedy Camisado Tour – comes to Kentish Town Forum on Tuesday October 13, and tickets are still on sale. Whether you’ll be able to use your phone or not in the venue is another question …

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