How to do the Edinburgh Fringe on £40

What’s that? You’ve had a pay rise since Tuesday’s How To Do the Edinburgh Fringe on £25 mega-article?! Very well, have this one instead. Three suggested day schedules that will ensure you have a right old laugh at a range of comics …


Schedule 1

2.20pm: The Peculiar Case of Kemsley and Todd
Two unorthodox, splendid young comics (Harriet Kemsley and Richard Todd) share an hour. Free.

3.30pm: Mark Stephenson – Half Man Half Amazing
The debut show by an impressive slow-burning stand-up. Free.

5.10pm: Mae Martin – Slumber Party
Canadian musical comic Martin is another making her full debut, you may know her from such programmes as Russell Howard’s Good News. There’s an LiF Spotlight on her here. £10.

6.45pm: Henry Paker – Classic Paker (above)
A hugely under-rated comic, Paker is simultaneously unusual and accessible and a bloody hoot to boot. £10.

9.50pm: Gary Delaney 2 – This Time It’s Not Personal
Pure, unadulterated one-liners from this master gagsmith. Welcome back to Edinburgh, Gary! £12.


Schedule 2

12:05pm: Crunch the News
Comedy via the news, as discussed by comedians, journalists, commentators and one of the following hosts: John-Luke Roberts, Grainne Maguire, Sir Ian Bowler MP. Free.

3.40pm: That Pair – Never Like Her Anyway
Lively and lovely comedy duo (mainly sketches and songs) who are guaranteed to brighten even the gloomiest of Edinburgh afternoons. £8.

7.35pm: Luke Toulson – I Don’t Know How I Feel About My Kids
A self-deprecating and brutally honest stand-up who’s got the skills. A Free Fringe bargain. Free.

8.45pm: Craig Campbell – Thrilling Mic Hunt (above)
A big bear of a comedian. Canadian. Tells stories. Here’s an LiF review. Enjoy. £10.

10.30pm: The Horne Section Live In A Cow
An Edinburgh smash-hit in recent years, it’s a “comedy jazz party” that is essentially an hour of very, very silly comedy involving Alex Horne and his jazz band, and some guest comedians. Bloody wonderful. £14.


4.40pm: Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen (Volume Too) (above)
The return of a cult hit from a few years ago by professional Londoner Arthur Smith. £11.

6.45pm: Tig Notaro – Boyish-Girl Interrupted
Another one from the US, Notaro is one of the biggest names jetting over to the Fringe this year. About as calm a comic as you’ll ever see. Graceful stand-up, if such a thing exists. £14.

8.45pm: Jay Foreman – No More Colours
Super-duper musical comic who’s a cut above his peers. £10.

10pm: Künt and the Gang
Not for the easily offended. Bad taste comedy songs which EiF and many others find f-ing funny. Free.

11pm: Marcel Lucont’s Cabaret Fantastique
Imperious French construct Lucont hosts this late show of wonderful comedy and cabaret acts. Free.

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