How to spend £30 at the Edinburgh Fringe


Expensive isn’t it, the Fringe? What with those pesky opportunist landlords and those pesky twilight boozers.

London is Funny is sadly unable to intervene when it comes to sweeping rent controls, or alcohol licensing legislation, but LiF CAN help when it comes to having a cracking day of comedy without breaking the bank.

Behold the London is Funny Fringe day planners! (£50 article to come later this week)


Option 1
11am, Bridget Christie:
 Why not kick off with last year’s Best Show winner?! Christie’s new one looks like it will pick up where A Bic For Her left off, with sexual politics and actual politics on the agenda.
4.30pm, Rachel Parris: A fabulous musical comedian, Parris this year hosts a spoof Vegas cabaret show in which she plays all the characters. Ambitious, but Parris might just pull it off.
6.15pm, Brendon Burns: The brash yet mischievous Burns does what he likes these days, and if that means doing a free show that might include “an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression that goes on for possibly 15 to 20 minutes too long” then so be it. One of the gems of this year’s free offerings.
8.30pm, Gareth Morinan: Everso slightly less alpha than Brendon Burns is this offering by Gareth Morinan, called Play: Time. It is, heaven help us, a “multimedia musical comedy”. However, Morinan’s delightful artistry and playful brain should make this a treat.
11.20pm, Set List: Now a Fringe stalwart, and a show that’s like crack cocaine to comics. Improvised stand-up, basically, and it’s an exhilarating ride. Attracts some pretty big names to boot.


Option 2
BTF_Liam_Williams1.15pm, Liam Williams (left):
 A more outward-looking show this year from the introspective Williams; a genuine rising star and a Best Newcomer nominee from last year.
4pm, Rob Auton: A rather beguiling and unshowy comic who reminds of a young Simon Munnery, Auton’s show this year is about faces and will be unlike anything else on the Fringe.
6.45pm, Kerry Godliman: A welcome return to Edinburgh for one of our very finest stand-ups and comic actors (her credits include Getting On, Derek and Miranda). August 12-24 only.
8.50pm, Neil Hamburger: Vile, misanthropic stand-up that’s oddly irresistible.
11.59m, Comedy Countdown: The Channel 4 hit mashup (ugh) started out at the Fringe originally – see it in all its semi-raucous, late-night glory.


Option 3
2.35pm, Nat Metcalf:
 This polite fellow had a fine debut show last year, and he has an early slot on the Free Fringe so no excuses!
4.30pm, Robin Ince: Comedy boffin Ince won’t sit still for one second. This year he has a show about the ultimate headfuck: the brain. (Aug 1-12 only).
8pm, Wilfredo: A hugely under-rated act, the grotesque Spanish lounge singer/lothario Wilfredo is Tony Ferrino by way of Brian Gittins.
10.20pm Come Heckle Christ: Now there’s an offer you won’t get every day. Turn up to the Pleasance Courtyard and put your questions to an Australian man pretending to be nailed to a cross.
11.55pm, The Stand Late Show: Arguably the best comedy club in the UK, and it’s at its very best with this late-night mixed bill show.


Option 4
Simon_Munnery_BTF12pm, Ian D Montfort’s Midday Seance:
 A spoof medium who will leave even the most cynical scratching their head. Bloody funny, too.
3.55pm, Simon Munnery (above, right): The ever-evolving Munnery is always interesting, always unique and … well, almost always funny. This year’s offering is about 19th century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. HACK!
5.30pm, Robert White: This chap is a dazzlingly quick stand-up/musical comic. Not for the easily offended, either.
7.30pm, Hennessy and FriendsA smart, inventive sketch trio whose TV credits are too many to list here.
9.30pm, Pete Johansson
: An uncompromising stand-up who can do cute as well. Should appeal to Reg D Hunter fans.

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