Kim Noble’s landmark comedy show about loneliness is BACK

You’re Not Alone was so successful this time last year, it’s got another month

Kim Noble comedian

No one quite does comedy shows like Kim Noble. The stunts he pulls, the lengths he’s prepared to go to, the gut-punching emotional impact, the uncompromising honesty about life’s dark edges …

They’re funny, too, luckily, or it’d be a right misery-fest. His shows also have longer gestation periods than most, so they don’t come around very often. Around this time last year, he released his latest one, called You’re Not Alone, and expectations were high after his previous long-player, called Kim Noble Will Die (it was about suicide), which set all sorts of benchmarks.

To relief all-round, You’re Not Alone was a worthy successor, and aspects of it have stuck in my brain ever since.

If you didn’t catch it first time round, Noble has been asked to return by Soho Theatre for another month of shows. It’s about as festive as OK Computer, but don’t worry about that, go check it out.

Kim Noble: You’re Not Alone is at Soho Theatre from December 8 to January 9

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