Kunt and the Gang – Edinburgh Festival review

Kunt_and_the_Gang1Always good to kick things off with a room divider. My first show of the 2012 was one of the most talked-about of 2011 (EiF bang on the pulse, as ever), following a publicity stunt involving penis stickers that got both awards and legal threats.

So moderate opinions are not an option, you’re either in or you’re out (desperately trying not to mention spreadable yeast products here).

I’m in. What’s not to love about an Essex bloke in a silver Gary Glitter suit singing a load of cock and poo songs to a cheap Casio soundtrack? It’s the sort of show where the ones who end up walking out or objecting to it (for there were some), end up looking po-faced.

Crucially, Kunt knows exactly what he’s got and is unapologetic about it; in-between such classics as Let’s Send Nan To Dignitas and Bangers and Mash (a song about what one might find in a public loo) he’s got a surprisingly good way in British understatement: “There’s a fine line between sexy and sexist and I think I’ve got it just right,” he says after Wank Fantasy. Think Super Hans meets John Shuttleworth and you’re in the right, er, ball park.

There are several reasons why he manages to get a room of adults to debase themselves – his roguish charm and gleeful delivery gets people onside, he’s got a genuine knack for a catchy pop tune, and his Mike Skinner-esque marriage of lyric and rhythm means he’s able to extract maximum comedy content from lines such as “I’d lick around the holes of Camilla Parker-Bowles”. He describes his closing number Wanking Over A Pornographic Polaroid Of An Ex-Girlfriend Who Died as “like the Laughing Policeman, but the exact opposite”. There’s more than enough of that sort of turn of phrase to make this a viable hour, even if the relentless puerility does wear. His song about Rose and Fred West appears to stretch the room’s patience beyond its limit and his Katy Perry spoof I Sucked Off A Bloke, I Didn’t Like It falls a bit flat.

This is a pub act and will stay a pub act; that’s its natural home (and that’s not a judgment). Does it make the world any better? No. Does it make the world happier? Definitely.

4 stars
• Kunt and the Gang is on at the City Cafe at 10.30pm

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