Lou Sanders – Edinburgh Festival review

A madcap and fun, if disjointed, hour from Lou Sanders, says Sarah Sharp

Lou_Sanders5The stage for Lou Sander’s nice evening is strewn with all sorts of bizarre paraphernalia. A picnic blanket, a stepladder, a mannequin head wearing shades atop a side table, and an actual man wearing flippers in a rubber dinghy. He reads a book, and seems not to notice us as we enter. Some of these weird and wonderful items, man included, will be called upon at some point to aid in the whole Wallan-ness ambience of events, others not. It’s a busy scene of nonsense, a fitting backdrop for the madcap hour of fun our host has prepared for us.

Who is Wallan, you might ponder? (Fool). Well, thankfully Sanders is here to tell you everything, and even throw in a quick game of trolley dash. She’s mad as a March hare and immense fun to have in the room. I wouldn’t say time flew by, but it certainly hopped around a bit and kept you guessing. What will happen next? No, really. What the hell will happen next?

It’s an amusing hour of chaotic fun – a bit like catching up with your bonkers best friend after a long hiatus: the stories and spectacles all come flying out at once, and there are at least two costume changes. With some video interludes, much glitter, and a good dollop of audience participation, Sanders takes us through the whys and the wherefores and whats of Wallan.

This brand of eclectic comedy is on the up and Sanders is excellently suited to it. Her stage presence is a winning one and it’s credit to her that for all the disparate oddities onstage, none of it ever feels contrived. However, as a set it didn’t quite rise to the challenge of an hour – the ending seemed abrupt, and the various parts of the show seemed a bit unconnected. But the issue is one of fine tuning, nothing more. Sanders’ style has its own unique charm, and she is one to keep an eye on.

3 stars

Lou Sanders: An Now For A Nice Evening With Wallan is on at the Pleasance Courtyard at 9.30pm
Review written by Sarah Sharp

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