Massive Dad publicise sketch show that contains no tractors

Fresher than a baker’s brioche, Massive Dad are a brand new sketch trio making a name for themselves. They took time away from their busy farming schedule to answer some questions about their debut show


Tell us about the show.
It’s a sketch comedy show involving jokes and a range of accents.

What’s your favourite sketch of the show (at  the moment)?
If you birthed 15 kids, you might get bored of one of them, but then they’ll do something great and you’re like “Oh you’re my favourite now” while wishing they’d all leave you alone so you could go on a two-week holiday to Mali. To paraphrase: it changes. Daily.

Why are you called Mass … actually no, if your show were a DOG what type of DOG would it be?
If our show were a dog it’d be a small yappy one because Liz (above, denim shirt and white dress) falls apart when she sees big dogs. She wouldn’t be able to get any of her lines out. 

Soooo, how come you’re called Mass … no no, who are your sketch/comedy heroes?
All the usual ones. David Blunkett, Solange and Philip Schofield. Also Big Train, The Fast Show, Smack the Pony and Arrested Development.

Best and worst gig ever please.
Best gig: we performed to 100 residents of Aston Tirrold in Oxfordshire in their village hall.
Worst gig: same gig. We ruffled some feathers because we said “Hello Aston Tirrold!” the village hall was technically in Aston Upthorpe. The parish was up in arms.

If you were a music band, who would you be? For instance, are you Wham?
Destiny’s Child but without Beyoncé.

So, “Massive Dad” – what’s with that … NO, must resist. What will your daily routine be in Edinburgh?
10am – 6pm: Recreation.
5pm – 6pm: Recreation cool-down exercises.
6pm – 7pm: do the show.
7pm – 7.30pm: post show, pre-recreation debrief.
7.30pm – 12am preparation for tomorrow’s recreation.

Do you have walk-on music? What is it? WHY?
We go on to Sons of War by Two Steps From Hell. We feel it creates a mellow atmosphere.

What would you be doing this summer if you weren’t in Edinburgh?
We’d probably be at the jobs we’ve all quit. Maybe saved up some holiday for a joyless week away wishing we had the balls to quit our jobs and go to Edinburgh.

So why did you call … what does Mmmm … Mmmmmaaaa … is there a reason why you’re …… oh forget it.
That’s a shame, it felt like you had a question.

• Massive Dad are at the Pleasance Courtyard at 6pm

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