The Spotlight on… Sara Pascoe

  Name: Sara Pascoe Where do you live?: High Barnet for now. Later I will live on in the myths of future cultures. How long have you been gigging for?: 18 months. What do you do?: Jokes and that, mostly about how brilliant I am.

The Spotlight on… Mike Belgrave

Name: Mike Belgrave Where do you live: Peckham Rye How long have you been gigging for?: Seven years. God has it really been that long? What do you do?: Have fun and hope it rubs off in the audience. The more fun I have the more fun they have the more fun they have the more fun I have.(…)

The Spotlight on… Joel Dommett

Name?: Joel Dommett Where do you live?: Elephant and Castle. Well, actually I’m equidistant between Borough, Elephant and London Bridge, but I say Elephant and Castle because it gives me the edge in middle-class conversations. What do you do?: I play solitaire with actual cards and listen to mini discs

The Spotlight on … Gerry Howell

Howell’s about that then?! [Awful. You’re sacked – ed] Name: Gerry Where do you live?: Kennington Palace, near Waterloo, which is named after the battle between France and England which took place in Belgium. I like the way they decided to hold the battle at a neutral venue. But it took place on a Sunday and Napoleon(…)

The Spotlight on… Rosie Wilby

Name: Rosie Wilby Where do you live?:Peckham How long have you been gigging for?:Three and a half years – after doing an Amused Moose course, tho I had tried a couple of gigs before that What do you do?: Talk about my social inadequacies, foibles and failures. Isn’t that what most comics do?

The Spotlight on… Fergus Craig

“Never trust a man with two first names”, some say. Poppycock! What about Fergus Craig, who’s not only really nice, he’s funny too – the 2008 Hackney Empire New Act of the Year winner, in fact.   Name: Fergus Craig Where do you live?:Stoke Newington How long have you been gigging for?: As a stand up, just(…)