The Spotlight on… Rosie Wilby

Name: Rosie Wilby Where do you live?:Peckham How long have you been gigging for?:Three and a half years – after doing an Amused Moose course, tho I had tried a couple of gigs before that What do you do?: Talk about my social inadequacies, foibles and failures. Isn’t that what most comics do?

The Spotlight on… Fergus Craig

“Never trust a man with two first names”, some say. Poppycock! What about Fergus Craig, who’s not only really nice, he’s funny too – the 2008 Hackney Empire New Act of the Year winner, in fact.   Name: Fergus Craig Where do you live?:Stoke Newington How long have you been gigging for?: As a stand up, just(…)

The Spotlight on… Dan Atkinson

He’s one of the best MCs about (a Chortle Best MC Award nominee, in fact), he ‘played’ Richard Whitely at the Edinburgh Festival Comedy Countdown, and he’d like to poo on George Osborne’s lawn – that’s right, it’s Dan Atkinson! Name: Dan Atkinson Where do you live?: Where do all comedians live? Crouch End of course. Well,(…)

The Spotlight on… Liz Stephens

Most people either know her for her indefatigable humanitarian work, or as an IT guru, but no, in fact she’s a comedian and writer who is next into the London is Funny Spotlight – that’s right, it’s Liz Stephens! Name: Liz Stephens (some identities have been changed to protect the innocent) Where do you live?: Europe How(…)

The Spotlight on… Colin and Rob

They’re a south London comedy duo, they run a night at a belting Tooting boozer called the Selkirk, and they know how to put a bag of clothes pegs to good use – that’s right, it’s Colin and Rob! Colin and Rob: emotionally dissimilar Name: Colin & RobWhere do you live?: We both live in sunny south(…)

The Spotlight on… Andrew Watts

Meet Andrew Watts. He used to be a lawyer. But don’t hold that against him, he’s really very nice and very funny to boot. Rubbish at buying drugs though. I mean, really bad.   Name: Andrew Watts Where do you live: Leytonstone How long have you been gigging for?: Three years What do you do?: I used to tell(…)