The Spotlight on… Susan Murray

Next into the Spotlight on London is Funny is feisty sharp-shooter Susan Murray, who, while residing in Brighton, is more than familiar with London’s comedy scene. And retired footballers. That’s right – it’s Susan Murray! Name? Susan Murray Where do you live? I live in Brighton where the men are fit and the women are handsome. I(…)

The Spotlight on…Vikki Stone

A young pup on the scene, but one already sending audiences away with some memorable moments, thanks to her way with the electric ukelele, it’s Vikki Stone. Name? Vikki Stone Where do you live? North London How long have you been gigging for? In various different guises – just under 2 years. What do you do? Musical filth. I(…)

Mistletoe and whine – The Rant

Following Robin Ince’s fine Rant is Bennett Arron, who, while being totally down with Christmas, is livid with its pauper cousins like fireworks night and New Year’s Eve. Just light the touch paper and stand well back… So Christmas is almost here. You can tell that as all the shops have started displaying their Easter(…)

The Spotlight on… Richard Sandling

Next into the Spotlight on London is Funny is one of inspired sketch duo Kiosk of Champions, and the man who fans of cult films and TV should seek out, Richard Sandling. One man and his videos: Richard Sandling Name? Richard Sandling Where do you live? Benfleet, Essex How long have you been gigging for?: I have just(…)

A Welcome

Two hundred-odd venues, a couple of thousand operating comedians, but not one website dedicated to the London comedy scene? Why not? Because the world’s a crazy, crazy place, my friends. This where LondonisFunny comes in. Solely about comedy, solely about London. And in late noughties, if the bank manager doesn’t get you, the increasingly pissed(…)

The Rant – Robin Ince

Welcome to The Rant, the place where comedians let rip about the things that have been getting right on their wick. And who better to be the inaugural LiF ranter than Robin Ince? Here, he responds to the criticism he has received for organising a secular, Christmas-time celebration.   In quiet moments, which I try(…)