Pippa Evans: ‘I LOVE THE LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY. Ok now your turn’

Edinburgh intros #28: Stand-up/musical comic/improv expert Pippa Evans is being herself in her solo show this year. And ALL the confessions are coming out 

Pippa Evans comedian1. Tell us a bit about the show.
It’s a celebration of all the things I have spent years pretending I don’t love. Why do we have guilty pleasures anyway? Let’s just say it out load – I LOVE THE LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY.

2. What’s your favourite bit?
There is a pretty special Les Miserables sequence that people would be sad to miss. Unless you hate Les Mis, in which case you will NOT have a good time.

3. Two shows now of just YOU – no characters, no guitars, no onstage colleagues. Are you warming to it?
No guitars? Don’t be crazy. There’s always a guitar. Musical comedy is my thing. I am a one-woman variety show.  I love being myself on stage but there will always be a million other voices coming out of me. And I have a band this year – yes! Fun times ahead!

4. Why did you decide to start doing shows as yourself?
When I started doing comedy, I was myself on stage as well as doing characters, then Loretta took off. But I’ve always liked being myself onstage. So I guess I just took a detour for a bit. And it costs less in eyeliner.

5. Some people don’t like the term “guilty pleasures”. What’s your take on it?
They are right! Why do we feel guilt for something that gives us pleasure? Unless it is involved in some kind of murder, I think your cheese-string habit is ok.

6. What’s your walk-on music going to be?
Fairground by Simply Red. Obvs. It’s the song everyone likes to pretend to hate.

7. Who will you be living with and how do you expect that to go?
I will be living with [super-ace improv ensemble who you must see if you haven’t] The Showstoppers. I expect it to go really well for the first week, then someone will eat all the Weetabix and there will be a West Side Story-style dance-off.

8. What will your Edinburgh daily routine be?
Wake up, do a show, do another show, do another show, eat a pie, do another show. Collapse. Repeat.

9. Do you enjoy the Fringe?
YES! I love it! It’s like a big market place where all your friends are running stalls and you pass each other in the street and go “How’s it going?” and don’t wait for the reply because it’s hard to fake interest in other people during Selfish Bubble Month. But it’s ok, because it’s everyone’s Selfish Bubble Month. We can all be selfish, together.

10. Will Loretta be making any appearances?
No – Loretta’s having a year off. She’s in rehab. But she might be back next year …

Pippa Evans: There Are No Guilty Pleasures is at 1.45pm at Bannermans

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