Rachel Parris, lady of letters, pines for the ex-housemate

rachel_parris4LiF blogger Rachel Parris is coming to terms with the loss of Caroline …

Dear Caroline,
How are you?! I hope you are well, did you get the flowers I sent you? I only found out after I sent them that poppies are a bit funerally, sorry! I know you’re not dead! How is the new flat?! I hope it is as nice as ours was-and-continues-to-be! I bet it is nice living in Highgate, near Michael’s parents, and having a working shower, and walls.

You’ll be glad to know that Artem Jones downstairs is still alive and literally kicking – he sends his love, in these shouted words “Which one are you? Where’s that other one? She’s better”. Mrs Haim also sends her regards although I only glean that from a mysterious twinkle in her eye, rather than actual spoken regards.

It is strange not having you here! Five years of Filmnight Fridays and muesli-Tuesdays and Bloody-Mary-Saturdays and fancy-dress-flirty-dirty-Thursdays! I miss Thursdays.

Your paintings are still here. Should I sell them? I know you said they were mine cos you painted them for me but I feel a bit weird having paintings of myself in the flat, it’s like living in a Hall Of matte, impressionist Mirrors. I’ll give them away, maybe put them in Artem’s flat, that would be funny! He would really really hate that.

I’ve joined Match.com like you suggested, and I’ve been having some really great chats on it! One man, “Long-John-Silvertongue69” is especially engaging – he only logs on after 3am and talks a lot about his mother, and Keats, and banging. Another guy, “MagicMike” reminds me very much of Michael – same turn of phrase and awkwardness, and face. It obviously can’t be him though, I’m sure! Even though Michael is Michael, he can’t, he just can’t be stupid enough to not hold onto you once he’s got you! No-one is that much of an toss-monger, not even him. (Haha I’M JOKING, MICHAEL’S GREAT OF COURSE).

I want you to know there’s always room for you if you want to come back, or pop in anytime – you can even bring Michael, I’ll get some Duchy originals in for him! On a plinth!

Anyway, I’ll see you at the wedding: not long now!

It will be fun I cant wait yey.

Rachel xxx

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