Reginald D Hunter interview: ‘I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong’

The big Georgian stand-up is back, and he’s not expecting a smooth ride
Reginald D Hunter comedian

Reg is back. Back on our tellies, with his Songs of the South documentary, in which he returned to his native Deep South and investigated its rich musical heritage. But also back onstage, having toured eastern Europe late last year, and heading out on the road now with his new show, The Man Who Attempted To Do As Much As Such.

He remains one of the most uncompromising and fearless stand-ups around, and in that sense little has changed since his previous tour, the controversial In the Midst of Crackers. Georgia-born Reg told London is Funny that “I’m sure this one is gonna upset a few people too. My camp is battening down the hatches they know the storm is coming.”

But the 46-year-old is keen to point out that he’s “not an off-the-cuff guy. If I say something, I know that I’ve put thought into it, that I can back it up. This is what makes me bold. I believe I’m man enough to say I’m wrong and you’re right. I have no fear about admitting that.”

So what can the punter prepare for with this new show? Well, as if to shore up that already cryptic title, Hunter is reluctant to reveal the content of his shows to journalists prior to a tour, and prefers to do the talking himself, onstage. What he promises is “more of the same, but different. I definitely don’t feel the same as I did a year ago, about a lot of things: racism, gender politics, capitalism, ex-girlfriends …”

“I’ve had a lot to say on gender politics in the past, but in last year or so I’ve shifted dramatically, and only in some ways I can explain and articulate.

“But first and foremost, in my mind I think about being funny. Some people only find me funny when I’m ranting, but the things about performing to UK audiences is that they do reward cleverness. They want you to be something else as well as funny. They can be unspecific about exactly what that is, you have to work that out yourself …”

There are currently two London dates as part of The Man Who Attempted To Do As Much As Such, both at Hammersmith Apollo, on June 26-27. You can buy tickets from this link.

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