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T’rrific signing for the Free Fringe

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You can reliably expect stand-up comedians to get a little grumpy and cynical as middle age encroaches, so it’s quite the surprise to watch Carey Marx doing a routine about how much he loves his cat. He even shows pictures of it to the front row, the soft bastard. It’s especially surprising given the vitriol he demonstrates for his wife’s hamster shortly before.

Rather than being a cop-out, writing a stand-up routine on your love for a cat is actually quite an achievement, given stand-up jokes mostly stem from either macro moans about the world, or micro ones about everyday life. But this is what Marx does, he is a gifted comic who appears to be able to write his way to a funny place regardless of the starting point. Last year it was his near-death that proved so hilarious.

• Carey Marx – moving to the Free Fringe made me happy

Anyway, moving on from balls of fluff, this is another exemplary hour of smart, barbed stand-up from Marx – who, having been on the paid Fringe last year would have costed £10+ to see; this year he’s on the Free Fringe.

He speaks of the absurdity of the Snoop Dogg gig he attended, in which Snoop spends half the time doing entry-level MCing exercises. Also in his sights are the aforementioned hamster, and the, erm, shortcomings of the politically correct term “little people”. It’s an hour of top stand-up, no frills and no narratives.

With his hooped earring and barrel chest, I can always imagine Marx providing the entertainment for his fellow sailors below deck (not like that). Luckily for you, you don’t have to set sail to see him, he’s just over down the Royal Mile.

Review by Paul Fleckney

Carey Marx – Abominable is at 7.15pm at the Canon’s Gait



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