Review – Sheeps, Wembley Previews

Clever AND funny!

Sheeps sketch comedy

You’ll have to excuse some vagueness in this review. The new Sheeps one is a sketch show with a twist, and even though it’s a twist that becomes apparent pretty early on, it’s still part of the fun to find out for yourself. The trouble is, it does make it virtually impossible to say anything specific about the show.

However, the gist is that Liam Williams, Daran Johnson and Alastair Roberts have come up with something a bit special this year, one which marks them out as a step ahead of their sketch peers. There are gags everywhere, right from the title, to the spoof sketch names – I just LOVE “upside-down mum” and “baby fireman” – and now they’re playing with form, too, deconstructing sketch comedy and building it back up from scratch.

We already knew that the Sheeps boys were superb individual comic performers, but it’s their onstage dynamic that really fizzes. You have Johnson as the innocent lost boy, Roberts as the exasperated, pretentious one, and a straight-faced Williams virtually playing himself. It’s an odd, subtle chemistry, but it works, and it’s getting better with each show.

The concept of the show threatens to wear thin a couple of times, but nonetheless, Sheeps have announced themselves as the real deal, with a sketch show that will delight even non-sketch fans.

Review by Paul Fleckney

Sheeps: Wembley Previews is at 9.15pm at the Bedlam Theatre

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