Sara Pascoe – anxious about love, but bang up for a swim

Inbetween lengths, Sara Pascoe off of the telly will be performing her show about history, free will and romantic love

Sara Pascoe comedianLiF: Tell us about ‘Sara Pascoe vs History’.
SP: It’s an hour-long string of a words, spoken by me with a variety of intonations. It’s inspired by romantic love, and my anxieties about it.

LiF: What’s your favourite bit (so far)?
SP: When the audience all clap and clap and shout out “that was great Sara do another bit!” 

LiF: Any props/visuals/silly hats?
SP: I put a “female sexuality hat” on but that is metaphorical rather than silly. There MIGHT be a “latecomers parade” if there’s time.

LiF: “The past is another country.” Discuss in no more than 1,500 words. (30 will do).
SP: No. [Yeah fair enough – Ed]

LiF: It would be interesting to see the bibliography behind your shows – are you able to pin down which authors or books have influenced this show?
SP: A large part of it was inspired by Sex at Dawn, it’s a new and thrilling perspective on the evolution of pair bonding and monogamy. I have thought about putting a full reading list on my website after the show … Maybe I will. 

LiF: Have you got any Scottish independence material to crowbar in?
SP: Nope. It is an issue which interests me without me having come to any conclusion or opinion. I am pretty sure if I was Scottish I would want independence. And if they do it I really, really hope that it works and I will send them my pocket money and try and help.

LiF: What will your daily routine be in Edinburgh?
SP: Swim swim swim. I love a swim it’s so good for the mind. Long coffees in the morning, lovely chats with the ladies, bit of moaning, and lots of writing. And the odd great night out dancing. 

LiF: Do you enjoy the Fringe?
SP: “Enjoy” is a strong word, I find it teaches me a lot, but my ego goes crazy and I can become more emotionally fragile than I would like. But I find the city so so beautiful and I am always grateful to spend a month a year there. 

LiF: What would you be doing this summer if you weren’t in Edinburgh?
I would give my flat a very thorough deep clean. I am gross like a weasel. 

LiF: Which 3 shows would you recommend to any punters reading?
SP: Celia Paquola – gosh its so funny –also Zoe Lyons, and John Robins “This Tornado Loves You”. He is very funny for a man.

Sara Pascoe v History is at various times at the Assembly George Square Studios

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