Snow joke! (No, really)

snowmanSnow snow snow, oh what fun, what a great laugh let’s all take the day off and not contribute to our crippled economy, right? WRONG. Snow is BAD and must be STOPPED. It kills old people and, worse still, London’s comedy nights.

London is Funny will be keeping as up-to-date as possible with all the cancellations this week, butplease, for the love of god, call ahead to any comedy night you are planning to attend. If you do go, take tin cans and bottled water. TAKE NO CHANCES. And only tell a joke unless it isabsolutely necessary.

Outside the Box in Kingston was the first to kick the bucket tonight, and the Monday Club at Tattershall Castle soon keeled over too. The full list of tonight’s casualties are:

Outside the Box, Fighting Cocks
The Monday Club, Tattershall Castle
Old Rope, the Phoenix
Daft Monkey, the Enterprise
The Barbie Stand Up Show, The Star of Bethnal Green

Do check back for more announcements. ~tut~. This country.

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