The Spotlight on … Fin Taylor

Meet a stand-up who’s ON THE RISE

Fin Taylor comedianHi Fin. Please introduce yourself to the London is Funny readers.
Hey. I’m Fin, 6ft 2in, squidgy all over. 24 years old and look like I’ve been through a lot more than I have.

Where are you as we speak? Paint us a picture.
I’ve just helped Mark Smith [a fellow comic] load a van. I’m now lying provocatively atop the bed in my flat just off Green Lanes.

What’s your style/vibe/thang?
My vibestyle’s pretty chilled man. I sometime get pains in my arm and think I’m about to die but I don’t let on.

What have been your best and worst gigs?
I did some absolute belters out in Estonia, some crazy good gigs out there. The crowds are still so excited by stand-up because it’s only about four years old out there, so they’re so up for it and cram themselves into the weirdest spaces, it makes you kind of feel like a prophet. I also love The Wardrobe in Bristol and XS Malarkey in Manchester.

The worst gig was in a bowling/ice skating/laser tag leisure complex on an industrial estate near Darlington. I cannot believe I was that naive that I thought it would be anything other than dreadful. I felt like I was speaking a different language and the sound of strikes and gutterballs pitifully underscored my set.

Which clubs do you perform at?
I fairly regularly bash out some new ideas at Old Rope on Mondays, Angel Comedy Club on Tuesdays, and I can also be seen a fair bit at The Invisible Dot, and Sunday Special at Up the Creek.

Which clubs do you not perform at, and do you have a message for them?
The 99 Club and Banana Cabaret. Let’s make it happen?

What one thing about comedy do you wish people had told you before you started it?
I don’t really feel like iI’ve been led on by comedy at any point. So far it’s been a very consensual relationship, besides the absolute soul abuse that was that northern bowling alley.

What’s your favourite bit of material at the moment?
Is this of my material or someone else’s? I don’t want to sound arrogant by just rolling out some of mine … If this is my favourite bit of someone else’s material then the bit from Bill Burr’s new special about adopting a child soldier. The act-out is Phe.Nom.E.Nal.

If it’s of my own material then I’ve got a new bit about white people that I like doing because it makes uptight audience members tense and relaxed audience members laugh. I’m trying to do a routine of self-deprecating racial humour as a white person, which is probably too ambitious, but we’ll see how it works out.

What do you ultimately want to do with your comedy?
I’d like to find a few thousand people that will pay a fiver or a tenner for whatever I put out. That way you can have an audience and still push yourself. I made my first Edinburgh show into a stand-up album (download for free at, and that’s given me the beginnings of a relationship with people.

Ultimately I want to be the best comic it’s possible for me to be, and I think there’s an optimum audience size for that. Somewhere in between the circuit and theatres.

Can you dance?
You bet.

What’s your secret talent?
Very, very good at the keyboard shortcuts on a Mac. It’s frankly embarrassing if you’re sat next to me at a café using a mouse.

And finally, if you were to appear on a chat show as a guest, what would be your walk-on music?
I think it’d be really funny to come on to one of those things with really bleak music. Like Pyramid Song by Radiohead. Or Bon Iver. Something that would make the audience feel silly for wooping like mad dogs.

• Up for some hot Fin action? Then check out his gig list here (note his Edinburgh warm-up show at Invisible Dot on April 9) and/or download his debut album here.

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