The Boy With Tape On His Face – Edinburgh Festival review

A masterful, mysterious, magical hour from The Boy With Tape On His Face

Tape_Face1If all the tyrants and despots and dictators of the world were made to watch just one Tape Face show, the war-scarred annals of history might look very different. I defy anyone not to come out of this show bouncing with joy.

Ah, Tape Face, Tape Face. What can you say? What more do you need to say? The queue round the door spoke volumes; the palpable anticipation of a room filled to bursting said it all before we had even begun. Whatever your tastes, whatever your mood, whatever your age, whatever your situation, I exhort you to see this show. Although good luck getting a ticket.

As his audience piles in, the Boy sits patiently watching, perhaps already picking out likely participants for his silent antics. With a satchel of tricks at his side and boxes of props littered about the stage like a jumble sale, he looks more like a kid waiting to be picked up from school than someone who with eyes and hands alone will soon command the amazed attention of a captive audience.

But don’t let the wide-eyed innocence fool you. He’s a cheeky bastard, The Boy, and what mouths can’t say, rolled eyes and raised fingers can make up for. Do not try to shrink into your seat: you will be called up – and, in the nicest possible way, you might make a bit of a spectacle of yourself.

It’s a charming, mischievous kind of fun that needs you not to take yourself too seriously, but it is absolutely without malice. In the increasingly interactive world of comedy, where a barbed kind of baiting has become the mainstay for many an audience and performer alike, such simple harmless humour is something unique.

It’s a masterful, mysterious, magical hour. It will send your inner child giddy with glee. See this show and be dumbstruck, smitten, and delighted.

5 stars

The Boy WIth Tape On His Face is on at 9.40pm at the Pleasance Courtyard
Review written by Sarah Sharp

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