The Spotlight on … Bec Hill

Aussie comic with a colourful, creative streak Bec Hill enters the spotlight

Bec Hill comedianBec (Short for Rebecca?). Please introduce yourself to the London is Funny readers.
It IS short for Rebecca! For some reason, that seems to surprise people. Like, as if they thought it was short for “Bechdel test” or “Beck”. I’m Australian, but my aversion to exercise and inability to tan help me fit in here. I spend a lot of my time entertaining myself and fortunately, sometimes other people find that entertaining and pay to watch it. Kind of like porn. Except less glamorous.

Whereabouts in London are you AS WE SPEAK?
In my dressing gown in my flat in Camden. It is currently 2pm.

What came first – your move to the UK, or doing comedy?
Doing comedy. My first gig was back in Adelaide as part of the Raw Comedy Competition (Australia’s answer to So You Think You’re Funny?). A few years later, I met a hot Scottish dude who was going back to the UK and I was working in a bowling alley and I was like, “Well, obviously I want to see where this job is going, but I might have to sacrifice it and give stand-up in Britain a go.” Fortunately, both the comedy and the relationship survived the move.

What’s your style/vibe/thang?
Can you describe “genius”? I can’t. Probably because I’m not a genius. I don’t know, I mix a lot of styles because I get distracted easily. I do anecdotal, storytelling, one-liners, “paper-puppetry”, clowning. I could say I’m whimsical, but that would discount the dark references or wang gags I occasionally slip in. (Haha. “Slip in.”)

Best and worst gigs please?
Best gig: when the hot Scottish dude proposed to me in my Edinburgh Fringe show last year. Worst gig: trying to finish my Edinburgh Fringe show after the hot Scottish dude proposed to me. There’s no topping that. It completely ruined the flow.

What one thing about comedy do you wish people had told you before you started it?
80% of your time will be spent doing admin. 12% will be spent on trains. 7.5% will be spent writing. Only 0.5% will be onstage.

What do your family think of your act?
They’re back in Aus, so they don’t get to see me gig so much, but they’re stupidly proud. My parents print out my reviews and put them up at work. My granddad’s brother was a ventriloquist and magician and my granddad used to MC some of his shows, so I think he likes to take credit for my comedian genes.

You just had what looks like a successful Edinburgh – how was it this year?
It was a great run, but it was my fifth solo show and the second time we did “Bec & Tom’s Awesome Laundry[a “critically-acclaimed narrative comedy sketch show full of slapstick, silliness, mirth and make-believe” – Ed] – and we worked really hard to achieve the success we received. It was hard, tiring work and I rarely partied, or got drunk. I had a flipping amazing Fringe, but, yeah, I had to earn it.

What’s your favourite bit of your material at the moment?
The polyester part. (LOL it’s a MATERIAL gag! Get it?)

Do you have a secret talent?
I can stand on my tip-toes, like Kate Winslet in Titanic.

If you were to appear on a chat show as a guest, what would be your walk-on music?
Dance Commander by Electric Six.

Describe your dancing.
Watch the music video for Dance Commander by Electric Six.

Here’s a video of Bec doing her thing at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe: 

AAAAAAND you can see Bec perform her latest solo show, called … Ellipsis (4 stars from Time Out, the Times and the List), at the Pleasance Islington on November 6

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