The Spotlight on… Colin and Rob

They’re a south London comedy duo, they run a night at a belting Tooting boozer called the Selkirk, and they know how to put a bag of clothes pegs to good use – that’s right, it’s Colin and Rob!

Colin_and_Rob1Colin and Rob: emotionally dissimilar

Name: Colin & RobWhere do you live?: We both live in sunny south London, Tooting and Streatham to be precise.

How long have you been gigging for?: We did our first spot in 2000. We’ve been gigging on and off ever since.

What do you do?: After a short period (3 years!) mixing traditional double act banter with songs, nipple tassels and the occasional bit of slapstick, we now involve video projection in most of our sets. We like to look at how silly the world is through photos, adverts and things in the paper that make us giggle.

Who makes you laugh?: Colin: The good thing about running a gig is that you get to book all the acts that you find funny yourself.
Rob: Al Pitcher is one of our favourites. His banter with an audience is unbelievably good and so spontaneous.
Colin: Rob Broderick is also fantastic and like Al he’s amazing with a crowd.
Rob: For utterly brilliant stupidity We are Klang are the kings. Nobody does what they do with so much style.
Colin: They’re the only sketch group that have made me be sick in my mouth! It was the best be of sick I’ve ever tasted though.
Both: Oh, and the Chuckle Brothers obviously.

At which London venues do you usually appear?: Most of our energy and time goes into our own night Comedy at the Kirk in Tooting. When we’re not gigging elsewhere we can be found at the Selkirk I think the technical term is ‘twatting around’.

What is your favourite London venue?: I think we’d have to say The Selkirk. It’s built up a great reputation over the last few years and the audiences are always up for it but well behaved. We have a few sofas too.

What are you/should your be famous for?: Colin: When we started gigging I used to have a really stretchy face because I lost loads of weight and had extra skin. Among the other acts on the circuit I was famous for being able to attach over 45 clothes pegs to my face.
Rob: When I had long hair I was nearly on TFI Friday as a fat Michael Bolton look-a-like.
Colin: Brilliant.

What is your placing in the Top Million Comedians League?: Colin: Oh how could you rate such raw and natural talent?
Rob: About 667,248th.
Colin: Oh, like that apparently. We’re definitely on top of the Chuckle Brothers.
Rob: Now there’s an image.

Which celebrity do you look like?: Rob: We used to do a bit in our set where it was pointed out that from some angles I look a bit like Phil Mitchell from EastEnders.
Colin: Yeah it used to be uncanny, although Steve McFadden’s head is much more spherical these days.

Whose sex face would you least like to see?: Rob: Colin’s
Colin: Yeah mine.

Audiences love it when… Colin: We bring on an unexpected act right at the end of the evening. It’s like a little DVD bonus feature.
Rob: Stephen K Amos turned up and did an unplanned 10 minutes a few months ago. It was great.

Audiences hate it when… Colin: I do my sex face.
Rob: Yeah that was a weird gig.

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