The Spotlight on … Darren Walsh

Walsh is the name, and punning’s the game

Darren Walsh pun comedianMr Walsh. Please introduce yourself to the London is Funny readers.
Hello London is Funny readers. I am Darren Walsh, professional idiot, official Giant, tweaker of silly sounds, drawer of silly doodles, Author of Cheep Laughs, Punnoisseur. Embrace me.

Whereabouts in London are you RIGHT NOW?
I am sitting typing on my Laptop in East London whilst my girlfriend watches Downton Abbey.

What’s your style/vibe/thang?
I do 1-liners and mess about with sound effects and drawings on stage. I don’t tell stories because I’d bore myself. I also make short videos harvested from misspent time on Vine, which I’m hoping to introduce into my act next year.

Before you became a pun monster, did you do “normal” stand-up?
I don’t think you could call anything I did normal stand-up: I used to impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger and play on a miniature Casio keyboard, or put on a pair of Y-Fronts screaming “Brian” blowing up balloons shoving them down my pants. I didn’t really know what I was doing to be honest, I just thought I could invite my mates and make them laugh. 4 years later, I never see my friends because I’m gigging all the time. It’s weird, I just starting doing puns and then the floodgates opened.

Is your mind always on the lookout for a play on words, as you go about your daily life?
Yes, literally always writing puns. Usually I dream of them and then I wake up and write them down. I made up 3 this morning.

Darren Walsh comedian

Darren Walsh covered in crisp wrappers at Pun Run, obviously

Best and worst gigs please?
People came to see me in Edinburgh this year off the back of my show last year. It’s the best thing for a comedian cos you’ve got them on side even before you’ve picked up the mic. Worst one? Um, recently I was asked to do a spot at a ‘Film night’, to warm the audience up. I don’t think they’d had a comedian on before: There were a no lights apart from the projector screen and the talking gradually got louder until I just decided it was best to move out the way abc just let them watch the films.

What one thing about comedy do you wish people had told you before you started it?
Don’t do Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

What do your family think of your act?
They don’t really get the stand-up to be honest! But the book is something I can show my Mum.

Who are your comedy heroes?
Spike Milligan, Dave Allen, John Cleese, Graham Linehan, Kevin Eldon, Paul Foot, Tony Law and more recently Limmy.

What’s your favourite joke at the moment?
I just made up this one, it’s ridiculous:
Mary Poppins is handing out leaflets to pigs to try and discourage them from urinating in alleyways, but it’s not working. I told her “Sue Pork-Alley for a bile piss stink ‘n’ axe Pee-Alley brochures”

Do you have a secret talent?
Yes, he’s kept under my bed, he’s really, really tall. In fact, he’s the tallest ant in the world, that’s why I keep him a secret.

If you were to appear on a chat show as a guest, what would be your walk-on music?
The theme music from Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds

Thanks Darren! And here is a clip of him in action:

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