The Spotlight on… Grainne Maguire

She was a finalist in this year’s Hackney Empire New Act of the Year comp, she’s got her own comedy night in Stoke Newington and she seems to like giving foreign accents to food – that’s right! It’s Gráinne Maguire!

Grainne_Maguire1CLAESGELLERBRINKName: Gráinne Maguire

Where do you live, roughly:Russell Square. (There’s nothing rough about Russell Square, thank you kindly) 
 How long have you been gigging for?: About two and a half glorious, glorious years of laughter

What do you do?: I think about things I really care about and am interested in and then try to make them funny. God, I try

Who makes you laugh?: Kristin Schaal. I met her this year at Edinburgh and was so star struck I only realized I was bowing when it was too late. Luckily I covered up my faux pas in time by pretending to be Chinese.

Also, Holly Burn. If Marjorie from The Good Life and Paul Foot ever fell in love and had a baby, Holly would be the result. She is so original and brilliant I think she may have invented a new form of comedy. Lou Sanders: The Alexa Chung of stand up. The girl is so hot, she’s speeding up global warming. A terrible burden for anyone

At which London venues do you usually appear? I MC a gig every Sunday at Liberties Bar Camden and, apart from that, I can be found wherever there are people, a mic stand and a five pound entry fee

What is your favourite London venue? I run a monthly night with Saz Campbell, The Cheese and Pineapple Club in Stoke Newington. The venue feels like someone’s living room; the audience sits on armchairs and there are free canapés for everyone. It’s a real labour of love and lots of fun.

At our Christmas show, I reenacted A Christmas Carol using cheese and pineapple. It was a Christmassy piece but there were obvious references to the war in Iraq. Scrooge, played by a large pineapple had an American accent and Tiny Tim, a Babybel, had a pronounced Syrian one. I am well deep.

What are you/should your be famous for? I should be famous for being so beautiful and talented, one of my jokes actually brought someone back to life. I am famous, however, for being able fit my whole fist into my mouth

What is your placing in the Top Million Comedians League?: I don’t know if I should say this but in the open mic community, I’m practically royalty. I can turn up at any open mic night and if I make it there by at least eight, I am first on the reserve list. Everytime. Even if someone else got there for 7.55. It’s just the power that I have. So in open mic terms I am Manchester United in the 90s.

Which celebrity do you look like? Drew Barrymore. And I don’t mean that in a conceited way, every time she appears in a Celebrity With A Wonky Face Poll, I feel personally offended

Whose sex face would you least like to see? My own

Audiences love it when I… talk about my granny

Audiences hate it when I… leave the stage. I am bloody adorable

And here is a wee clip of Grainne in action in the Nivea Funny Women competition…

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