The Spotlight on … Jessie Cave

That Jessie Cave, she may be best known for playing Lavender Brown in Harry Potter, but now she can be found “gigging” (sometimes) on the live comedy circuit

Jessie_Cave1Where in London do you live?
Grew up west, moved north, now moving east, aiming to move south next year.

How long have you been gigging for?
I have “gigged” very little! I did 10 minutes last November, an hour in January, 10 minutes in May, then 10 hours before Edinburgh. But! I am now doing an average of two gigs a month which is lovely. This month is a tally of five!

What do we need to know about you?
I am an actress who makes videos and I draw. I put it all on and I am a big Twitter fan. I took my first solo show to the Underbelly this year and it was called Bookworm, triggered by my encounters with some obsessive book lovers afterbeing in Harry Potter films.

What do we not need to know about you, but you’re going to tell us anyway?
I am allergic to rabbits. And Wotzits. Or rabbits and Wotzits. Or just Wotzits. Or just rabbits. Sorry I meant Wotsits!

How did you get on with your debut solo run in Edinburgh?
I loved every millisecond. It was competitive and relentless and nerve-wracking, but I had the loveliest time and met lots of people that I thought I would like and in reality, do like. I also think – or hope – I improved in lots of ways (technically, socially, spatially, posture) throughout the month and I didn’t really want it to end because now I’ve got worse again.

Had you been to Fringe before that?
For three days in 2011, only because I thought the train was going to France.

Are you much of a bookworm in real life?
I am a spectacularly slow reader, so I am a keen bookworm but with less coverage than a legit bookworm.

What do your family think of your act?
They are in it! My brother does the sound and has one quarter of a line, my sister is very much in it and annoyingly good, my mum sits at the back laughing much too loudly and helps with the props.

Who makes you laugh?
People falling over and trying to look like nothing just happened, no one saw, it’s ok, keep walking keep walking, it hurts but keep walking.

If you were to appear on Parkinson as a guest, what would be your walk-on music?
Rick James – Superfreak.
Here’s the latest video from Jessie …

• Jessie Cave: Bookworm is on at Etcetera Theatre in Camden, on September 27 and October 6 at 7.30pm, call 020 7482 4857 for tickets.

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