The Spotlight on… Joel Dommett

Joel_Dommett1Name?: Joel Dommett

Where do you live?: Elephant and Castle. Well, actually I’m equidistant between Borough, Elephant and London Bridge, but I say Elephant and Castle because it gives me the edge in middle-class conversations.

What do you do?: I play solitaire with actual cards and listen to mini discs

Who makes you laugh?: Kyle Cease, Daniel Tosh, Micky Flanagan, Rob Rouse, Frank Skinner, Louis CK, Steve Martin

At which London venues do you usually appear?: Everywhere really, I’m not picky. Wherever people will listen and pay. Or not listen. Or not pay

Which is your favourite London venue?: Comedy Café. It was the place I saw one of my very first stand-up gigs so I always feel like I’ve slightly achieved something when I perform there.

What are you/should you be famous for?: I know pi to 50 decimal places

What is your placing in the top million comedians league?: Probably half a million. But I’m a glass half full man

Which celebrity do you look like?: Ahir Shah

Whose sex face would you least like to see?: When you type in “sex face” to wikipedia it says “did you mean sex farce?”. Did you mean sex farce? I would see any sex-based farce.

Audiences love it when I… say gay stuff

Audiences hate it when I…* say too much gay stuff
And here’s Joel putting another holy cow to the sword…

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