The Spotlight on … John Hastings

One of the latest batch – yes, batch – of Canadian comics to land on these shores (we decided to keep this one because of THOSE DREAMY EYES) is the excellent John Hastings. But who the f is he?

John Hastings Canadian comedianAfternoon John. Please introduce yourself to the London is Funny readers.
Hey kittens, my name is John, I am a Canadian comedian, podcaster and blockhead from snowy Ottawa, Canada. I live in London and love in Canada and I am doing a live improvised comedy show on December 10 [in a decadent, derelict restaurant in the City of London, no less – Ed].

Does anyone ever call you Jonathan?
Nope, save for a neighbour when I was growing up, and it gave me an intense hatred of people with that name, and also Germans. WHY? Because Johns are irrational.

Alright Jonny boy, whereabouts in London are you RIGHT NOW?
In my treehouse-like bedroom watching my girlfriend Google drag queens.

Each to their own. What’s your style/vibe/thang?
Heavy metal hugging a factory worker reading a Dan Brown novel but quoting Christopher Hitchens.

What do you miss most about Canadia?
The sweet, swell smell of people apologiz[s – Ed]ing over needless situations. That and space on the sidewalk [pavement – Ed].

Has Britain ever repaid Canadia in any way for all the fine comics you’ve sent over?
Yes, we got Monty Python as educational programming and we have a place to go earn money and avoid being a bitter, bitter son drinking rye by a snow bank.

Best and worst gigs please.
Best gigs: any gig that’s in front of people who like comedy, and get my ribald style of “telling” “it” “like” “it” “is”.
Worst gigs: these are like, I dunno, I think truly they have the potential to be amazing, and then a lot of times the performer (me) gets nervous, gets angry or goes angry too early. Also, if there are more than 30 stags, they will shit in your cereal, comedy-wise.

Lovely. In which clubs can we regularly see you, should anyone want to track/hunt you down?
I am all over London and the UK and try to go to different places, but I am at Up the Creek and Top Secret Comedy Clubs a lot.

Which clubs can you not be seen in, and do you have a message for them?
The 99 Club. My message is: please book me, I am the guy who always emails you asking.

What one thing about comedy do you wish people had told you before you started it?
That it’s not important to make money, it’s important to build an act you can be proud of (that quote is now available on a poster with a kitten on a string), but seriously, when I got into comedy everyone’s goal was just to make a living out of it, and I think we as the comedian (!) should be more focused on being super-funny and not appealing to how people view the idea of stand-up comedy (I have no idea if this answer works, but I stand by ALL OF IT).

What do your family think of your act?
They really like it.

If you were to appear on a chat show as a guest, what would be your walk-on music?
Let Me Put My Love in You by ACDC, or Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn.

• Thanks Johnson! A reminder of his “Heroes’ Grotto of Comedy” show on December 10, and an invitation for you to watch the below video of John doing the bizzo: 

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