The Spotlight on… Liz Stephens

Most people either know her for her indefatigable humanitarian work, or as an IT guru, but no, in fact she’s a comedian and writer who is next into the London is Funny Spotlight – that’s right, it’s Liz Stephens!

liz_stephens1Name: Liz Stephens (some identities have been changed to protect the innocent)

Where do you live?: Europe

How long have you been gigging for?: 7 years, including a number of periods where I’ve lain dormant before exploding onto “the scene” with a new haircut.

What do you do?: I’m a comedian and writer but I tell people at dinner parties that I work in IT. It’s just easier.

Who makes you laugh?: Myself. I am without a doubt the funniest person I know. Sometimes when I’m by myself I laugh so hard I hurt. I know at this juncture I should mention my peers but they can get their own damn Spotlight profiles. This song is all about me.

At which London venues do you normally appear?: I prefer to surprise venues with my presence. It keeps them on their toes.

What is your favourite London venue?: I like the Chuckle Club. I used to like the (now sadly defunct) Upstairs at the Queen’s Head, which had a speakeasy feel and regularly broke every health and safety regulation known to man. Mostly I gig outside the capital where people are more grateful and have less choice.

What are you/should you be famous for?: I should be famous for all the humanitarian work I’ve done that I don’t like to talk about.

What is your placing in the Top Million Comedians League (don’t worry, it doesn’t really exist)?: Rank outsider. And yes it does exist – I saw it on Channel 4 the other night. It was hosted by Jimmy Carr.

Audiences love it when I… tell jokes and leave / die in a confrontational manner.

Audiences hate it when I… mention their birthday / hen party / works ‘do’.

Which celebrity do you look like?: Macauley Culkin. Before or after the drugs.

Whose sex face would you least like to see?: No one that I haven’t seen already.

Liz online: www.counterproductives.comhttp://bl

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