The Spotlight on… Richard Sandling

Next into the Spotlight on London is Funny is one of inspired sketch duo Kiosk of Champions, and the man who fans of cult films and TV should seek out, Richard Sandling.

richard_sandling1One man and his videos: Richard Sandling

Name? Richard Sandling

Where do you live? Benfleet, Essex

How long have you been gigging for?: I have just entered my third year

What do you do? I talk about films and cult television as well as anything that takes my fancy. It is not whimsy, nor is it story telling – it is something in between that is intelligent but accessible. I hope…

Who makes you laugh? Kiosk of Champions, Brian Gittins, Pappy’s Fun Club, Dave Staunton, Brian Damage & Krysstal, Henning Wehn, Stuart Goldsmith, Holly Walsh, Wil Hodgson, Robin Ince, Paul Foot and all the obvious ones like Stewart Lee, Richard Herring and Daniel Kitson

At which London venues do you commonly appear? I am all over all of London like a never-ending rash

What is your favourite London venue? I really like Outside the Box, Gypsy Hill Comedy and the Wilmington Arms

What are you/should you be famous for? Bringing video back to the people and being the best one in Kiosk of Champions

What is your placing in the Top 1000 Comedians League? You’d have to ask the other 999

Audiences love it when I… Talk about nothing but films the whole time I’m on stage

Audiences hate it when I… Talk about nothing but films the whole time I’m on stage

Ba-baaa ba-baaa ba-baaa ba-baaa ba-ba-ba, ba-baaa ba-baaa ba-baaa ba-baaaaaaa BA! Right then, popcorn-munchers, today’s showing is Richard Sandling’s video about videos. DO NOT TAPE OVER.

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