The Spotlight on … Rory O’Hanlon

Prior to his new show coming to London in October, Irish stand-up Rory O’Hanlon steps into the semi-legendary London is Funny spotlight …

Rory O'Hanlon comedianLiF: Hi Rory – introduce yourself to the London is Funny readers.
RO’H: I’m a very funny stand-up comedian from Dublin, which is in Ireland.

LiF: How long have you been doing comedy?
RO’H: I did my first gig in Dublin in November 2005.

LiF: What’s your style/vibe/thang?
RO’H: A lot of funny stories, all true, I promise.

LiF: Best and worst gigs ever please?
RO’H: My worst gig was on a boat in Dublin, I thought it was going to like a booze cruise, in fact it was parents and their young children. It was a long swim to shore. My best gig was last year at the Comedy Store in London, what a great night.

LiF: What about Edinburgh this year? What were your highlights and lowlights?
RO’H: The highlight was that most of the gigs were really busy and people  laughed a lot, the low has to be the Scottish weather– Scotland is the only place that makes Ireland feel it has a Mediterranean climate.

LiF: What are your favourite clubs to play and why?
RO’H: Any of the Glee venues. Really brilliant set-up, the staff are very nice, and the audience always seems up for it. Also Komedia in Brighton, as well as any of the Stand venues.

LiF: You’re about to do a gig with both Rob Delaney and David Cross – are you intending on blowing them out of the water?
RO’H: I’ve actually been bumped from this gig [oops! – Ed] so one of these two can get on, so unfortunately I wont bet able to blow any one.

LiF: What one thing about comedy do you wish people had told you before you started it?
RO’H: The amount of time you will spend on buses.

LiF: Who makes you laugh?
RO’H: Dylan Moran, Bill Burr, Tommy Tiernan.

LiF: Do you have a secret talent?
RO’H: I’m very good at taking naps.

LiF: If you were to appear on a chat show as a guest, what would be your walk-on music?
RO’H: Cigarettes and Alcohol by Oasis.

LiF: Describe your dancing.
RO’H: It’s very similar to what I look like sitting down.


• Rory performs his show Have Jokes Will Travel at the Hen & Chickens in Islington, on Wednesday, October 29, click here for details

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