The Spotlight on… Tiffany Stevenson

First to be profiled on London is Funny is Old Rope compere and actor-turned-comic Tiffany Stevenson.

tiffany_stevenson1Name: Tiffany Stevenson

Where do you live (roughly):Highgate and roughly

How long have you been gigging for?: Nearly four years

What do you do?: Tell jokes and hope people laugh, I have been described as laconic and deadpan. I disagree with both those descriptions and have taken to skipping around the stage with whimsical tales of drunkenness, religious fanatics and Austrians. I like talking about wine, women and spiders. I co-host Old Rope (The Phoenix, every Monday) with the if.comedy winner Phil Nichol, a new material night with lots of great comedians. Phil gets drunk at it. He has won things, I haven’t. At school though I was voted ‘most likely to get pregnant at 15’. Small victories…

Who makes you laugh?: Unintentionally? My mum, she once walked into a coffee shop and asked for two cappuccinos and a punani. My boyfriend because he is Scottish and ginger. The most inspiring comedians to me are Glenn Wool, who is massively underrated, Phil Nichol, Bill Hicks, Stewart Lee, Joan Rivers, Simon Munnery, Jim Carrey and Sarah Silverman, although I am happy I didn’t pay the £50 to see her live.

At which London venues do you commonly appear? Every Monday at Old Rope. If you actually want to see me be good somewhere I suggest Downstairs @ the Kings Head, Soho Revue Bar, Fat Tuesday, Headliners, the Bearcat, the Comedy Store where I occasionally host a charity night or Brixton Comedy Bugs.

What is your favourite London venue? The Comedy Store for set up and vibe. Other than that, anywhere that is underground, sweaty and bunker-like in appearance. Also when I first started The Wibbley Wobbley which was brilliant/awful. I used to perform on Battersea Barge a fair amount, it was great as you felt pissed after just one drink. It’s also it’s a fab, kitsch venue.

What are you/should you be famous for? Sometimes people recognise me off the tele box. I am also an actress, or ‘slashie’ if you prefer. I have been in things like The Office, Chambers, Dead Clean and Footballers’ Wives TV.

What is your placing in the Top Million Comedians League (don’t worry, it doesn’t really exist)? Somewhere near the bottom, although above Peter Kay.

Audiences love it when I… Talk about paedophiles.

Audiences hate it when I… Talk about paedophiles.

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