The Spotlight on … Tom Rhodes

A occasional visitor to these shores, US stand-up comic Tom Rhodes is back in London with a special solo show at the Comedy Café. Here’s a wee introduction …

Tom_Rhodes1How would you introduce yourself to London comedy fans?

I’m a Capricorn and my favorite color (sic) is blue.

What brings you to London?
The weather! I filmed a new hour special last year and released a new CD so this is a creative mission for me to do sets and work on new material. I was going to go to Buenos Aires as it is summer there now but everybody knows sunshine and happiness doesn’t produce jokes, misery and suffering does.
When was the last time you were over here?
I was here last year for a brief stint. I used to come here a lot and I missed the place so I am making a point to spend more time here. Some of my best friends in life are comedians who live in London. Drinking heavily while laughing late into the night is always a reccuring theme for me here so I am pleased to repeat this Groundhog Day over and over.

Do you have to adapt your style for London audiences?
No. My favorite (sic) kind of audiences are multi-national, multi-ethnic, well-educated and informed, and that describes the London audiences perfectly.

What’s your favourite routine out of the material you’re currently doing?
The presidential boner sext bit that is under development.

Who have been your favourite moments of your podcast including a UK comic?
My podcast is a labor (sic) of love and I approach it as if I were teaching a university course on stand-up comedy. Talking with Bill Hicks’s brother Steve was one of my favorite (SIC) episodes. The last episode to go up was Bill Bailey. He and I did the Jakarta International Fringe Festival together a few months ago and in the podcast he tells me all about (explorer and naturalist) Sir Alfred Wallace who he just made a BBC special all about. It’s a dandy.

What one piece of advice would you give new stand-ups?
Don’t beat yourself up too much. It’s tough starting out for everyone so enjoy the bumps and disasters as part of the ride to becoming a fire-breathing dragon.

Which comedians make you howl with laughter?
Louie CK, Doug Stanhope, Jimmy Carr and Steve Hughes.

What was the last book you read?
Miles. The autobiography of Miles Davis.

How would you describe your dancing?
It’s all about the hips and ass not the shoulders.

Finally, have you ever been in a fight?
I was in an altercation in Ireland two years ago but I wouldn’t call it a fight. Four rugby thugs jumped on a friend of mine and I tried to help my friend. I haven’t hit anyone in years and obviously don’t know how to do it properly because I busted my hand. I found out the next day that fighting is so prevalent in Ireland that at the chemist there is an entire aisle devoted to hand splints and other assorted fighting injuries.
And here’s Tom’s most recent stand-up clip (starts around 1-minute mark …)


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