Thünderbards are GO!(ing to Edinburgh for another show of smart sketch comedy)

Edinburgh intros #22: Glenn Moore and Matt Stevens have something to tell you … 

Thunderbards sketch comedy1. CHAPS. Tell us a bit about the show.
The show this year is all about our local library which is closing down (nothing says comedy like council budget cuts), and we’re hosting a fundraiser where we re-enact passages from our favourite books that have ever graced the shelves whilst trying to raise money for the cause.

2. What’s your favourite bit?
There’s a joke in there about swans that will knock your fuckin’ socks off.

3. If your show were a dog, what breed would it be?
A greyhound, because it’s fast-paced, lean and works well in pairs. Also it’s over-exerted and often retired early.

4. What’s your walk-on music going to be and why?
This has been the subject of a furious and as yet unresolved debate.

5. Whom will you be living with?
We are sharing a flat with the producer and star of a serious new piece of theatre …Will comedy and theatre types get along? I spy a sitcom / a serious new piece of theatre…

6. What will your Edinburgh daily routine be?
We get up mid-morning, eat brunch, then hustle for a while trying to sell the show. Do the show at 5-6pm, hustle some more, cook a nice dinner, shower, watch a show in the evening, then a little more hustling before bed time.

7. Do you enjoy the Fringe?
Yes. There’s nowhere else like it on earth. There are bound to be some low points each year but we see no point in being there if, on balance, you’re not having fun.

8. If you had to – HAD TO – take on a third person and turn Thünderbards into a trio, who would you choose?
A guy called Mark Chapman who was actually in Thünderbards a few years ago when we first started. He moved to France after uni for a better, happier life, and we’re now constantly disappointed when he fails to show up for every performance, meaning we have to hastily rearrange the script.

9. If you had to – HAD TO – take on another comedy double act to tour the country as a mad foursome, who would you choose?
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross from Mr Show, but specifically series 3 and onwards Bob and David, when it gets really, really good.

10. What happens at a Thünderbards writing sesh? Paint us a picture.
We each produce separate lists of ideas for sketches and one-off, standalone jokes, then mix em up, see what we have then just workshop it and gig the early ideas until a fully formed sketch or passage of dialogue is formed.

Thünderbards: Chapter III is at the Underbelly Belly at 5pm, follow them on Twitter at @Thunderbards

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