Merry Christmas, Tim Key fans!

Key’s back on the London stage. And he’s got festive jumpers

tim key comedian

Popped up in Peep Show the other week, didn’t he?! If that whetted your appetite for a bit more Tim Key action, then you are in luck.

Key has announced a run of solo shows between December 14 and 19. December 14-15 he’ll be cramming them into the Invisible Dot in Kings Cross, before moving to the Arts Theatre in London’s prestigious West End region for the rest of the run. The Arts Theatre shows are £6 more than the Invisible Dot shows, but then you do get a sexier venue so, take your pick.

The show is called Father Slutmas (yep, still doing the “slut” thing), and promises, I quote, “sprouts, probably mulled wine, cloves, and other festive horseshit”. It’ll be his first full-blown solo show since the wonderful Single White Slut in early 2014, which sporadic online comedy magazine London is Funny declared to be “a dream-like show full of surprises“.

THERE’S MORE. Key will be teaming up with his old comedy buddy Tom Basden for the return of Freeze! (Their exclamation mark.) Freeze! shows are irregular beasts and LiF urges you in the strongest possible terms to go if you can. Two masterful comics, doing their own poems and songs and skits, but with a peculiar Beckettian dynamic between them. Basden has deadpan delivery and puppy dog eyes (not to mention a tremulous singing voice), and he’s a terrific foil for Key’s bullish weirdness.

Two nights for Freeze!, at Soho Theatre on December 22-23, and it’s at 10.30pm, which will lend it a bit of late-night thrill, too.

So there you go. Over to you.

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