Tim Shishodia has the best explanation for his Edinburgh show title, bar none

Edinburgh intros #3: He was comedy’s hot new act! But then he disappeared. And now he’s back! Thankfully the silly schtick and silly shirts are still very much in tact

Tim Shishodia comedian1. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?
Other than a select number of new material nights, I tend to only do gigs to which I have been invited and am happy to do. I’m not one for knocking on doors.

2. I see. Now, tell us a bit about the show please.
A number of people on the circuit, including you, have remarked on my absence and some have concluded that I must have died. Part of the show is to examine whether there is any truth in their assertion.

3. What’s your favourite bit?
I prefer the beginning. It’s actually at the beginning this time but a bit earlier than you might expect.

4. If your show were a dog, what breed would it be?
The entire show is going to be held inside a chihuahua. They have a capacity of approx 40 people but you have to leave the bucket outside.

5. What’s the walk-on music?
Boney M’s Sunny. I like “feel good” stuff and this fits.

6. Whom will you be living with and how do you expect that to go?
My wife’s parents live in Edinburgh. They are Scottish. I am English, but despite this, they are always pleased to see me. When I visited during the referendum, they had stickers all over the windows saying “Yes”.

7. What will your daily routine be?
My show starts at 12 noon so I will have to be up early. After that, I suspect,  I will spend a few hours dealing with offers from agents and TV execs. You know how it is.

8. Do you enjoy the Fringe?
I think if your show’s going OK then it will be a lot of fun because it’s good to treat your performing like a daily job. Plus, there are a lot of people you know and Edinburgh is lovely. If your show’s not going well, it could be a long 3 weeks but there ought to be ways of remedying the situation.

9. “Scurochiaro”. Nonsense, or profoundly meaningful?
You are right to expect nonsense in this show. However, I felt obliged to stray a short distance from it on occasion just to please those who are not yet free from the tyranny of meaning. I would put “scurochiaro” under the category of “somesense”. In Italian, “Scuro” means “dark”, “chiaro” means “light”. I’ve inverted the artistic term “chiaroscuro”, which is often applied to the light and dark effects in paintings by Rembrandt, for example. In reference to my show, it is meant to signify my emergence from the shadows of the comedy world, where I have been haunting the circuit like a ghost, and out into the light. You will find lots of light and dark images in the show. See the answer to number 5 above.

10. Do you still wear snazzy shirts? We all hope so, just to say. Where do you source those muthas?
Yes I do. There is a shop in Garratt Lane in Wandsworth that sells them. Other costumes will also be making an appearance. This is my first solo show so I’m looking forward to spreading my wings.

Scurochiaro, by Tim Shishodia, is at Cabaret Voltaire at 12.05pm

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