Tom Ballard is quite famous in Australia and is mates with David O’Doherty

Edinburgh intros #23: Meet one of the Australian contingent at this year’s Fringe …

Tom Ballard comedian1. Tell us a bit about the show.
Last year I tried to catch a taxi in the Australian city of Newcastle. The driver recognised me and said something to suggest that he was not a fan of my filthy homosexuality. That incident serves as the catalyst for the show; it’s a reflection on the highs and lows of my rainbow life to date. With hil-ARIOUS results!

2. What’s your favourite bit?
I get to exorcise all my pent-up frustrations with dating in the gay world and crippling loneliness and my pudgy itchy body, so that’s always fun. For me, at least.

3. If your show were a dog, what breed would it be?

4. What’s your walk-on music going to be?
I assume that as I walk onstage, the crowd will be whooping and hollering so loudly that they’d drown out anything that might be playing, but the house music that’s playing as people come in is the Bird & the Bee’s album of Hall & Oates covers. To me nothing says “be prepared to hear about schmaltzy love stuff” better than Daryl & John.

5. Who will you be living with and how do you expect that to go?
I’m staying in a flat with Irish novelty keyboard-playing comic David O’Doherty and Australian powerhouse Jim Jeffries-supporting Nick “the Crusher” Cody. I plan to seduce them both and trick them into flyering for me.

6. What do you expect your Edinburgh daily routine be?
Wake up hungover, groan, cry, eat, nap, promise to see a friend’s show, eat, fail to see a friend’s show, flyer, cry, do my show, drink, drink, look for reviews, DRINK, tell myself I don’t care about reviews, DRIIIIIIIIINK.

7. How famous you are in Australia, and how can we convey that level of fame to a British audience. Is there an equation we can use? A picture? A noise?
I’m below a Voice winner, above a Big Brother runner-up.

8. How/when did you manage to snare that David O’Doherty quote? It’s a beauty.
Oh thanks! I got to know The DOD Experience over the years at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and he hasn’t told me to piss off yet so I’m claiming it as a bona fide friendship. He’s been to my shows and said some very nice things about my comedy, so I thought I’d milk that goodwill for all it’s worth and translate it into hard cash via ticket sales.

9. Have you been to the Edinburgh Fringe before?
I went in 2009 to have a look around and had a very nice time, though I did think there weren’t enough white middle-class guys proclaiming their opinions about things, so I made a promise to myself that in six years time I’d try to change all that.

10. Give us three other Australian comedians we should be looking out for this year. Please.
Nick Cody: not just my roomy but a brilliant comedian who makes me laugh HARD.
Tessa Waters’ WOMANZ: ridiculous and sensual dance-comedy.
Rhys Nicholson: one of my favourite people on and offstage. Cutting and insightful and a snappy dresser.

Tom Ballard: Taxis and Rainbows and Hatred, is at Assembly George Square Studios at 9.15pm

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