Top 10 late shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

Some of the most exciting moments at the Fringe take place after dark at the many late-night shows – try this lot for size


The Stand Late Show – The Stand, 11.30pm
This is probably the finest comedy club on this island, at its best. Raucous, but not in a stag do/comedians stripping way.

Rich Hall’s Hoedown – Assembly George Square, 11pm
Comedy songs and inspired audience chit-chat with professional American Rich Hall and his country band. One of the shows of 2013.

 Set List – Pleasance Dome, 11pm
Comics can’t get enough of this show, and their enthusiasm for it translates to thrilling shows – it’s improvised stand-up, where the comics have to riff on a series of bizarre, audience-generated subjects.

Alternative Comedy Memorial Society – the Stand, 11.30pm
There’s no such thing as a forgettable ACMS. Each one is packed with memorable moments as comics are encouraged to do new, odd things in pursuit of a “noble failure”.

 Bookshop Midnight Mayhem – Bob’s Bookshop, midnight
A no doubt full-throttle show hosted by some big, freewheeling personalities – Phil Kay, Miss Behave and Bob Slayer. Promises “weird and wonderful acts jamming, drinking, telling stories and creating hilarious unique happenings”.

Comedy Countdown – Gilded Balloon, midnight
Countdown, as in the TV quiz show, hosted and played by comedians. Simple concept, loads of fun.

 Do the Right Thing – Pleasance Courtyard, 11.20pm
An award-winning panel game where two teams of comedians work out the right thing to do in various situations. Usually a right old larf. August 18-21 only.

Doctor Brown – Underbelly, 11.30pm
Quite possibly the most thrilling comedy act operating today. if you’ve never seen silent clown Doctor Brown, make sure you catch him during this one-week run of shows (August 15-20). He’s reprising his previous three shows for two nights each, including his 2012 Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning one, Befrdfgth (Aug 19-20).

Spank – Underbelly, midnight
A boozy, unpredictable Fringe institution featuring comedy and cabaret acts and most likely some gratuitous nudity.

The Noise Next Door Comedy Lock-In – Pleasance Courtyard, 11pm
Fast-paced improv from the NND boys, plus high-quality stand-up guests >>>>> a hugely fun late-night show

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