Top 10 newcomers of Edinburgh Fringe 2013

Strong. Crop. This year. If you’re in the market for future stars of comedy, check out these newbies (of varying degrees of new-ness).


Aisling Bea – 6.30pm, Gilded Balloon
Charismatic Irish stand-up who knows her way around an anecdote and hip-hop dance. Think they call it star quality. Read Aisling’s LiF Spotlight.

Pat Cahill – 5.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard
One in the eye for grumps who say the new generation of comedians lack originality. LiF is a big fan of this sing-song surrealist with a cheeky grin. Read Pat’s LiF Spotlight.

Liam Williams – 10.20pm, Just the Tonic at the Tron
Boy can this one write. Very funny, too, and brave/honest enough to allow his misanthropic side into his stand-up, as that will probably alienate some. Genuinely has a touch of the Kitsons.

Thünderbards – 1.30pm, Gilded Balloon
Gag-heavy, smart new sketch duo. Probably the newest of this list. Read Thünderbards’ 10 Questions.

John Kearns – 5.05pm, Voodoo Rooms
Another strange and wonderful act, complete with false teeth, silly voice and cheap props (it’s on the Free Fringe). He’s a hairy bear with a gooey inside.


Bobby Mair – 7.40pm, Just the Tonic at the Tron
A chaotic, Canadian scruff with a fair few years’ stand-up experience behind him, and an 8 Out of 10 Cats appearance too. Read Bobby’s LiF Spotlight.

Jamie Demetriou – 7pm, Pleasance Courtyard
Recently impressed with his Channel 4 Blaps, Demetriou is a character comic with range.

Ivo Graham – 6pm, Pleasance Courtyard
Will probably get a bit of stick for being young, mainstream and a bit posh, but never mind that, he’s funny, end of. Read Ivo’s 10 Questions.

Rachel Parris – 4pm, Counting House
Star of period improv smash Austentatious and an excellent musical comedian also. Read one of Rachel’s ‘Lady of letters’ blogs for LiF.

Ian Smith – 5.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard
Likeable in the way an enthusiastic puppy is likeable, Smith also has a wonderful way with audiences.

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