Top 20 free Edinburgh shows

In which it is verily PROVEN that free ≠ shite.


1.15pm – Alistair Green, at the Upstairs Bar
A right dark bugger. Funny, though. Green is an up-n-coming comic who also has a 9pm show at Just the Tonic in which he spoofs celebrities with sex addiction.

1.30pm – Austentatious, at the Counting House
There’s a reason why people continually recommend this improvised Jane Austen spoof, it’s because it’s brilliant.

2.35pm – Nat Metcalf, at Cabaret Voltaire
A gentle presence on the stage and a very funny chap who’s supported Josie Long and James Acaster in the past.

3.30pm – Mark Stephenson, at Banshee Labyrinth
Takes his sweet time.Never gets overexcited.Gets it just right.

3.30pm – Philip O’Shea, at the Beehive Inn
Over on the slightly baffling side-Fringe the Scottish Comedy Festival is the not-Scottish but wonderfully weird young comedian Phil O’Shea.

3.45pm – Joseph Morpurgo (above), at the Counting House
One of the aforementioned Austentatious cast, Morpurgo is a character comic with range and imagination.

4pm – Rachel Parris, at the Counting House
Another Austentatiouser, and a superb, witty musical comic in her own right. Debutant.

4.45pm – Danny Ward, at the White Horse
A roguish, underrated comic who does the bizzo on the London circuit.

5pm – Lewis Schaffer, at the Meadow Bar (or 8pm at the Hive)
New Yorkish lovable loser Lewis Schaffer is back for another year of inspiring and offending unsuspecting audience members.

5.05pm – Sarah Campbell, at Cabaret Voltaire
In pursuit of fun goes Campbell in her first full-length show, in this funny and endearing debut. Could be described by other comedy organs with a more limited vocabulary as “quirky”.


5.05pm – Jessica Fostekew, at Cabaret Voltaire
A smart comic and a quality gag writer who performs her third Fringe show.

5.05pm – John Kearns, at the Voodoo Rooms
Someone EiF is getting rather excited about this year. Odd, fully committed and a little bit heartbreaking, Kearns is starting to happen …

6.15pm – Stuart Black at the Meadow Bar
Comic-philosopher Black is back with another hour of lyrical, probing stand-up.

6.15pm – Rory and Tim, at the Dram House
Sketch trio, talented beyond their years. Highly recommended.

6.15pm – Griff Rees Jokes, at the Newsroom
Cracking title chaps … this is Lloyd GRIFFith and Matt REES, doing 30 minutes of super stand-up each.

6.40pm – Gareth Morinan, at the Banshee Labyrinth
Expect wonderful child-like animation and nerdish charm from this one.

7.15pm – Ben Norris, at the Dram House
A full-hour by a smash-hit club comedian. Big fat bargain.

8pm – Michael Fabbri (pictured), at the City Café
Well … a full-hour by a smash-hit club comedian. Big fat bargain.

8.30pm – Alistair Barrie, at the Dram House
Errrrr, a smash-hit club comedian doing a full hour? Gluttonous in value?

10pm – Kunt and the Gang, at the Free Sisters
Bad taste/shock comedy from this one-man musical comedy act with the gift of the gab. Oddly addictive. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Note that freewheeling, unpredictable Scot Phil Kay, and character comedy master Tom Binns are both on the free Heroes @ the Hive venue, but you can pay £5 to reserve your seat and that’s probably your best bet with those two.

OH OH, AND AND, one last one for you … London is Funny Presents! 9.35pm, Ciao Roma, four superb acts each night, the line-ups are pretty damn tasty and will be released shortly. Check back on or @edinburghsfunny for daily line-ups.




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