Top 20 temporary immigrants to the Edinburgh Fringe

Well, you can’t keep them all out all of the time. Here are 20 of the better “international” acts coming over ‘ere, taking

our audiences … Bo_Burnham2

Graham Clark (7pm, Assembly Roxy)
Here’s a comic that really revs Edinburgh is Funny’s engines. Clark is a striking figure and a smart, thoughtful stand-up. Comes with a heavy Pajama Men endorsement. Canadian, for what it’s worth.

Dayne Rathbone (7.45pm, Gilded Balloon Teviot)
There’s no getting away from the fact that Rathbone’s a very strange comic. Unique and a decidedly creepy, the sort of comic who’ll definitely have walk-outs. Good walk-outs.

Bo Burnham (11.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard)(above)
Probably the biggest name at the Fringe this year. Walks the walk, too, or at least he did last time he was here in 2010.

Ronnie Chieng (7.50pm, Underbelly Cowgate)
A combative Aussie comedian who’s making his Fringe debut with some hype surrounding him after his joint Melbourne festival Best Newcomer win in 2012.

Terry Clement (8.05pm, Underbelly Cowgate)
A flighty Canadian comic that should appeal to fans of fellow dream-chasers such as Paul Foot and Tony Law.

Al Lubel (10.30pm, Just the Tonic Caves)
Want some Jewish New York stand-up? You got it.

David Quirk (9.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard)
One of Australia’s stand-out stand-ups, Quirk is a class act, and this show won Comics’ Choice at this year’s Melbourne Comedy Festival 2013.

Fanfiction Comedy (4.40pm Assembly George Square)
Over on the more indie end of the spectrum, this is an award-winning show over from New Zealand that has regulars and guests reading comedy stories about their chosen subjects. Which makes it sound really dry. It actually looks really fun. David O’Doherty and Josie Long have appeared on it over in NZ, if that’s anything to go by.

Bjorn Gustafsson (midnight, Gilded Balloon Teviot)
Swedish stand-up is represented by Gustafsson, who’s known back home for doing the funnies during Eurovision. Nice gig!

Tumi Morake (9pm Assembly Hall)
Nicknamed “the first lady of South African comedy”. The sort of brazen stand-up who doesn’t give a f__k what people think of her. Read an interview with Tumi here.

Tanyalee Davis (7.45pm Assembly Rooms)
A charismatic, candid comic who stands at 3ft 6in tall, Davis is back in Edinburgh following a life-threatening 2012 that was the inspiration for her new show.


Tig Notaro (6.45pm, Gilded Balloon) (above)

Another of this year’s biggest Fringe imports, Notaro is a smart, classy comic of the highest order.

Katie Goodman (4.30pm Gilded Balloon)
Musical comedy with a satirical edge. Had a bowlful of Minchin for breakfast.

Matt Okine (6pm, Underbelly Bristo Square)
Another from Australia’s strong crop this year, Okine has a vivid imagination and bags of charm.

Michael Che (10pm Assembly Rooms)
Here’s someone who has raced up the ladder in the States and is widely, confidently being tipped for the top.

Red Bastard (4.40pm Assembly George Square)
From New York’s cabaret scene comes Red Bastard, aka Eric Davis, an outrageous, slightly nightmarish comedy act. Sort of a Tim Burton character wearing a big red condom.

Alan Committie (9.20pm Assembly Roxy)
An act you can imagine going down well in the weekend clubs over here, Committie is a slick and energetic South African stand-up performing at the Assembly Roxy.

Canadians of Comedy (11.15pm Gilded Balloon)
Add the names Tim Rabnet, Allyson Smith and Paul Myrehaug to your list of Canadian comics to see, they add up to what should be a quality hour of stand-up.

Caroline Rhea (8.15pm Gilded Balloon)
Another Canadian for you, one who’s been a familiar face on US TV for a while now, most notably her own HBO show. Pretty straight-down-the-line, style-wise.

Rhys Nicholson (10.45pm Gilded Balloon)
Looks like Bowie in Thin White Duke era. Right-on opinions, wonderfully rendered.


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