Top 40 Edinburgh Fringe 2013 tips – part II

Featuring Michael Che, Pajama Men, Carey Marx, Felicity Ward, Bo Burnham …
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• Reginald D Hunter (above) – 8pm, PC
The increasingly bold and uncompromising Hunter has incorporated Edinburgh into the UK tour of his prickly new show.

• Michael Fabbri – 8pm, City Café
One of the finest stand-up on the London club circuit has a show on the Free Fringe.

• Alex Horne – 8.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard
More whimsical brilliance from “platinum-selling R&B artist” Horne, whose show this year is called Lies. Also check out his comedy-jazz party Horne Section if you’ve not done yet. Time for Horne’s boat to come in.

• Abandoman – 8.45, Underbelly Bristo Square
If you’ve never seen this improvised hip-hop/comedy act it’s f.u.n. Not to mention funny. This year, there’s a full band.

• Craig Campbell – 8.45pm, Assembly Rooms
The UK’s adopted mountain man is a force of nature onstage; this run is also part of a nationwide tour.

• Pajama Men – 9pm, Assembly Roxy
Diurnally confused New Mexican duo conjure up another show of cartoonish physical comedy-cum-sketch. A must-see whenever they come to Edinburgh.

• Howard Read – 9.30pm, GB
A first in comedy, so listen up: Read will be performing live, as a cartoon character; that’s live, as a cartoon character. Live.

• Glenn Wool – 9.50pm, Assembly George Square
One of the best stand-ups in the world, ok? COmedy brains and comedy brawn all bundled up in one big grizzly Canadian. Another must-see!

• Claudia O’Doherty – 9.50pm, PC
Irony-slathered Aussie and one of comedy’s cool kids. How can you resist a show whose blurb says “If the money comes through, this year’s production will include The Carousel of Feelings.”

• Carey Marx – 10pm, GB
Heart attack last year, Edinburgh show this year. Which is more stressful? We know which will be funnier


• Michael Che – 10pm, Assembly Rooms
A classy stand-up over from NYC who might just go on to be a stand-up superstar.

• Kunt and the Gang – 10pm, Free Sisters
Very much not going to be a stand-up superstar, this is cult, underground stuff in very bad taste. Not for the easily offended.

• Felicity Ward – 10pm, Underbelly Bristo Square
An Aussie comic that we’ve happily adopted, Ward is following up her star-hogging 2012 show.

• Liam Williams – 10.20pm, Just the Tonic at Tron
Williams’ description of himself as a “lyrical anti-lad” can’t be bettered. This is an honest and uncompromising show show by a hugely talented debutant.
• Rubberbandits – 10.40pm, Gilded Balloon Teviot
As good a musical comedy act as Flight of the Conchords, except these two probably would have bullied Jermain and Bret at school.

• David Trent – 10.45pm, PC
Multimedia mentalist Trent bagged a Best Newcomer nomination last year, and he’s back with more irreverent bombast.

• Rich Hall’s Hoedown – 11pm, Assembly George Square
The QI star and professional American is arguably at his creative peak, with both this musical comedy gem and a solo stand-up show at 9.30pm at the same venue.

• Bo Burnham – 11.15pm, PC (limited run)
The prodigy that won over the most cynical of comedy-followers with his 2010 show is back – can he raise his own ridiculously high bar?

• Doctor Brown – 11.30pm, UBS (limited run)
Last year’s Fosters Comedy Award winner reprises his previous three (all amazing) shows, and also has the rather intriguing Bexperiments on August 13.

• Alternative Comedy Memorial Society – 11.30pm, the Stand (limited run)
Quite simply you will see things you’ve never seen before at this show. And no one yet knows what those things will be. How exciting!

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