Top 40 Edinburgh Fringe tips – part II

Get stuck into these bad boys …

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Kumail_Nanjiani1• Josie Long – Romance and Adventure
Ever-curious and unafraid to wield strong political opinions, Long is as important as ever. Aug 2-27, 6pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Kumail Nanjiani (left)
Wonderfully natural and likeable stand-up over from the US. Aug 4-27, 8pm, Assembly Roxy.

• Late Night Gimp Fight
One of the most inventive UK acts around, pushing sketch comedy into new places. Aug 3-27, 10pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Lou Sanders – And Now for a Nice Evening With Wallan
Further adventures from a breezy, sparkling, DIY performer. Aug 3-26, 9.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Mark Thomas – Bravo Figaro
Powerful political comic this time goes personal with a show on his relationship with his father. Aug 3-26, various times, Traverse Theatre.
• Mark Watson – The Information
Playful, nervy Welsh wonder threatens to give us insight into our relationship with the internet. Aug 3-27, 7.40pm, Assembly George Square.

• Max and Ivan – Con Artists
Two impeccable performers hope to build on their breakthrough sketch storytelling show last year. Aug 3-27, 3.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Nick Helm – This Means War!
Bruised romantic Helm sticks to the same formula but the results appear to be as good as ever. Aug 3-27, 5.30pm, Pleasance Dome.

• Nina Conti – Dolly Mixtures
Comic-ventriloquist is one of the finest comedy talents we have. Aug 3-27, 8.30pm, Pleasance Dome.

• The Noise Next Door – Bring the Noise
Improv troupe with the comic chops to match their energy and verve. Also see their 24-hour improvathon between August 13-14Aug 3-27, 5pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

lumberjacks1• Paul Foot – Kenny Larch Is Dead
If you’ve never seen him, make sure this is the year you do … Aug 3-26, 7.30pm, Underbelly.

• Reginald D Hunter – Work In Progress … and Niggas
Coolest customer in comedy is back at the Fringe in what is a tiny venue for a big name. Aug 3-27, 9.20pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Return of the Lumberjacks (above)
Three brilliant Canadian comics team up for what should be a blistering 90 minutes of comedy – Glenn Wool, Stewart Francis and Craig Campbell. Aug 3-26, 8.10pm, Assembly Rooms.

• Sarah Kendall – Get Up, Stand Up
Cutting Aussie stand-up makes a very welcome return to the Fringe. August 3-27, 8.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Seann Walsh – Seann To Be Wild
Top-quality observational comedy plus some real physical flair. Aug 3-26, 7.50pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Sheeps – Dancing With Lisa
Oddball sketch trio have a beaut of a show this year. Aug 3-26, 5.10pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Simon Munnery – Fylm-Makker and La Concepta
Alternative comedy hero continues his renaissance with two must-see shows.Fylm-Makker – Aug 3-27, 3.45pm, the Stand. La Concepta – Aug 4-25, various times, Whitespace.

• Stewart Lee – Carpet Remnant World
Mr Lee’s most recent show sees him on excellent form. Aug 3-26, 6.05pm, Assembly Rooms.

• Tim Fitzhigham – Stop the Pigeon
The Fringe feels like the natural home of this eccentric, adventuring comic. Aug 3-27, 7.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard.

• Tony Law – Maximum Nonsense
The rise of deconstructing, maverick Canadian stand-up continues. You either fall for him big or you don’t at all. Aug 3-27, 12.30pm, the Stand I.

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